7 May

5 Benefits of Custom Wall Art for Businesses

A business environment doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Decorating the office with custom graphics and wall murals may seem as if it’s an unnecessary expense, but using wall mural printing has some important benefits. From the educational to the memorable, below are several ways for businesses to benefit from custom wall murals.

A Room With a View

Not all conference rooms have windows that look out on a wonderful view. If the conference room’s walls are plain and lack windows, a printed mural can jazz things up and add visual interest.

Show the Company’s Mission Statement

Many companies use the lobby area as a waiting room, and they decorate with small signs, tasteful plants and stacks of magazines. However, businesses can benefit by putting the company’s logo and mission statement on the walls. This creates a positive, strong impression, and it lets customers know what the company does and what it stands for.

Put Something Fun in the Break Room

No matter how much employees love their jobs, everyone needs a bit of a break during the work day. A soothing mural can help employees rest and recharge during lunch breaks or between meetings. When workers get a visual break from their workspaces, they’ll go back to work refreshed and ready to finish the day’s tasks.

Change Classroom Graphics

If a company provides on-site training, it pays to make the classroom environment a little more interesting. Many learn more effectively when visual components are involved, and custom graphics can help reinforce what workers are learning in the classroom.

Brighten the Halls

While hallways are transitional, utilitarian spaces, they’re often overlooked. However, including a timeline of the company’s history along the hallway walls can instill pride in workers, and it can tell clients how the company has grown and evolved. As an extra benefit, the use of custom murals in spaces that are commonly left blank can leave potential partners with a favorable and memorable impression.

While many business owners are content to leave the walls as-is, there are tremendous advantages to the use of custom printed murals and wall art. By considering these advantages, companies can facilitate growth in a variety of ways.