12 Oct

Blue Trust Loans Looks at the Different Loan Types: The Basics of What Can Seem Like a Complex System of Lending

Why is borrowing so hard to understand? It seems that there are so many different types of loans with all sorts of different terms. But, there is a lot of interesting overlap involved with all these loan types. Blue Trust Loans can help offer clear information about different loans and how borrowers can take advantage of them without getting into something that does not suit their needs. What are these loan types?

Collateral Loans

Collateral loans can go by the name of commodity loan, bank loan, and a few others. These loans generally encompass anything that is backed by a physical property. The two most common types include an auto loan and a mortgage. An auto loan is typically financed through a bank. A mortgage often works through the federal government, but it can also move through a small bank. In both examples, a collateral object is placed to diminish the risk of the loan.

Cash Loans

Cash loans are generally anything that results in a cash transaction that can be used freely and openly for any purpose. A mortgage is only applied for a house, at least theoretically. Collateral loans typically have to go through the financing of the collateral object. Cash loans are different. Cash is added in the bank- in hand- to be used for anything.

Personal Loans

Personal loans can be cash. Personal loans can also have collateral, but they often do not. Typically, personal loans are deployed from smaller companies who are doing the loan filing as well as the financing. In most loan types, the borrower is working with two entities. These are the broker and the financier or bank. Personal loans can overlap with either collateral loans or cash loans. Typically, if someone says they have a personal loan, they mean they are working with a small financier who is their own broker.

Learn more about loans and the different types by visiting the website of Blue Trust. Borrowers can learn what type of loan will fit their specific situation, and not dive into an arrangement that is off base. Blue trust offers cash and personal loans with quick turnarounds and instant cash.